Tiger Clan, appearing in unexpected places.

Possible Jobs: Warrior, Thief, Elementalist

Clan Skills:

Twin Moon Claws - Physically damage a single target.

Tiger Howl - Damage a single target with magic.

Feline Fury - Enemies surrounding target receive physical and ranged damage and are dizzy.

Hailstorm - Enemies surrounding target receive magical and ranged damage and are paralyzed.

Official Description:

Tiger Clan love to hunt and fighting is the purpose of their life. Within the clan, the main skill is their hunting ability. They have rules but no laws, in their clan force of arms resolves everything. Tiger Clan can move smoothly without being noticed by their targets. Tall Tiger Clan members are suitable for being warriors, while short Tiger Clan members are more suitable for being thieves.

Tiger Evolution: ' '



Tiger Form


Human Form